New Prespective Development Keynote Speaker



New Perspective Development (NPD) is a Texas non-profit organization for community organizing. Developing socio-economic equality in underprivileged areas.


New Perspective Development took form in a time of systematic unrest and discrimination that was/is being reflected into today’s society. The visionary, Quentin Thompson, felt that there should be a safe place where like-minded individuals could come together and share their feelings, emotions, and thoughts about what was going on around us. A place where an opinion would be respected and heard with love and sometimes constructive criticism. The group chat, People of Perspective (POP) was created for an outlet and refuge of the open-minded.  Quentin begin inviting people he thought had a thirst of knowledge and/or the discipline to learn new perspectives on the events taking place in our world. Before he knew it, the chat had grown to almost 100 people.


On November 3rd, I will be the Keynote Speaker for their Keep Fighting Schoarship Gala. Join me on November 3rd!
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